BesserTrim Grass Cutting System

Less time spent wasted on jammed spools and changing line!

BesserTrim Grass Cutting SystemThe BesserTrim Grass Cutting System is simplicity itself. Consisting of an easy-to-fit cutter head and easy-to-load nylon cutters, the system reduces time and stress because, not only are the cutters long lasting, they can also be loaded within seconds.

The head features a patented keyhole system that enables cutters to be easily inserted into the keyhole shaped apertures and retains the cutters within the head at high speed - durable and simple!

With a choice of nylon cutters and our NEW cable reinforced DECIMATOR cutters, which let you get on with the job in hand instead of spending time replenishing nylon spools and hunting for lost eyelets and springs.


We have two heads available to buy. Our ‘Professional Head’ will fit any brushcutter that will take a blade using that machines fixings. This includes virtually all straight shaft machines. If you are in doubt about whether your machine takes a blade, check your machine’s operating manual.

Our ‘Weed Thrasher’ head is designed for bent shaft machines which typically are not designed to take a blade and also have proprietary fixings. As such, our ‘Weed Thrasher’ head comes with a pack of corresponding fixings to ensure compatibility with 99% of bent shaft machines on the market. Note that in the unlikely event that you order and your find machine is not compatible, we offer a no quibble refund.


We have a range of cutters for the Bessertrim Grass Cutting System depending on your Grass Trimmers / Brushcutter and the undergrowth you wish to dispose off. NEW for 2015 are our 'DECIMATOR' cable reinforced Nylon cutters for more heavy duty jobs. Remember, with all Bessertrim cutters, start off using 2 in opposing keyholes; and only progress to 4 if your engine allows.

Choosing the right tool for the job

Grass, Light Weeds Spooled Line 3.5mm Blue Nylon Cutters 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters
Grass, Light & Thick Weeds 3.5mm Blue Nylon Cutters 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters  
Grass, Light & Thick Weeds, Light & Woody Brush 4.0mm Red Cutters DECIMATOR Cutters    
Woody Brush, Shrubs, Saplings 4 tooth 230mm plastic blade 3 tooth 255mm metal blade

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