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This ultra-fast cutter changing system is simplicity itself. Thanks to its unique keyhole design you get on with the job in hand instead of spending time replenishing nylon spools, hunting for lost eyelets and springs or changing blades. Quite simply, it takes the hassle out of brushcutting:

  • No more spools to jam or rewind
  • No more hunting for lost eyelets
  • A steel construction means longer life
  • Cutters can be changed in seconds
  • Reduces time wastage in changing line
  • Unique ‘ball’ joint allows cutter to swivel, reducing load on gearbox and clutch
  • Fits most makes of professional and light-weight bent shaft brushcutters 
  • Nylon and DECIMATOR cutters available separately 

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Saplings, weeds and shrubs should be very scared, as BesserTrim brings you the ultimate in brushcutting - the DECIMATOR. These premium cutters are unbelievably tough and will outlast any flexible cutter on the market. They fit any machine with a BesserTrim Grass Cutting System head and a 200mm cutting radius.

Cutting Radius